What I'm Made Of

I really want to know what I’m made of.

If I am dust that was breathed into life. I want to live.

If I have been bestowed an identity. I want to know what that means and how to live it out.

If I am made to love who Christ has made me to be. I want to befriend myself on this earth.

If I was made to have faith. I want to reject doubt of all sorts.

If I was not given a spirit of fear. I want to know what it’s like to be fearless.

If I am to love. I want to know how to love well.

If I am made to engage with humanity in truth with simplicity, compassion, grace, and empathy. I want to seek out what that even means.

If I was made to create. I want to push my creative ability.

If I was made for heaven. I want to look for glimpses of it everyday, bring heaven to earth, long for it. Be here now in the present and long for the “not here yet”

etc, etc till I die.

“Teach me to be all that I’ve made of”

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