pt. iii

It’s been a while since I’ve been inspired by a smile.

It made me want to remember being more than alright,

While I couldn’t get a handle on why I ever try.

Certain eyes beam the sunlight I crave.

Its a refreshing wave I assume away.

I bond with humanity over feeling ruined too often.

“Fall in love” underneath the moonlight.

It is an important skill to live,

Saying -

“You can be broken.

I’ll love you, still.”

On the other hand,

I don’t want a relationship founded by crisis.

Ideally, resilience grows in the aftermath.

At first, I’d like for it to be simple.

Talk about what we have in common,

Laugh a lot, be friends.

Usually this is when we roll our eyes,

That’s how it all started last time.

Still, we dream.

Inside we all would rather smile, then cry.

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