There are a lot of exciting changes happening in regards to music for me. One being that from here going forward, I will be releasing music under a different name, Darity. The name change is a personal decision that has been a part of a process of growth in my life.

This past summer I spent a lot of time contemplating music. Thinking about where it has taken me and where I am now. Sadly, I found I associated music with words like lonely and complicated. Rather than words like adventure and expression. I was in a place of wanting to pursue music as a career but, “Linsley Music” didn’t sit right. “Linsley Music” was just happenstance. Realistically, It was me and my lonesome just “pushing through.” Creating something good, but when I was honest with myself, not a good as it could be. It was lonely because, I chose that attitude. It’s easier to not involve people. I was fearful in expression. Therefore, my communication, enjoying performing, and engaging with other humans was less than it could have been.

I had to be honest with myself that I was in the land of good but, not best. I needed to make some changes. I began to intentionally explore, dream, and step back. Observing where I compromised and made decisions based off of fear rather than truth. One things that came up repeatedly in processing is that I continuously feel like I have to do music all by myself. Which, obviously there is a lot of truth in working hard to accomplish your goals. However, there was a lot of underlying fear within my drive surrounding failure, people, and a lack of belief in myself. Being a solo artist was convenient. Only being responsible for myself is “easier” from a leadership stand point. There is less room for relational complications etc. etc. I didn’t have to be vulnerable and ask people to invest my music. If fail, I could assume all of the responsibility. I can only be disappointed by myself. However, I’ve never pictured my name on a t-shirt or a signing board in dreaming about music. I want to be a good leader of a good band. I don’t want to work alone. I love creating with people. I wanted to be fearless and vulnerable. Internally, what “Linsley music” had become was so counter who I really am and what I value. 

I started trying to think of a name that I could lay as a foundation for myself in music and for a band someday. Something more align with who I am but, allowed space between my given name and “brand.” Something in opposition to my fear of failure and being alone and letdown. Something I could get on board with that has potential for others to get behind as well. A name more unifying and less focused on me. I started bouncing back and forth names with my friend Clay, who’s helping me with the upcoming album. After a few months, I was thinking about the word solidarity. The unity of feeling or action within individuals sharing a common interest. I suggested the word to Clay and he responded back with just “darity.” I loved it but, had no idea why.

Over the next couple of weeks I talked to various people about it and researched it on the internet. Even though, I found little about what it meant the few things I did find continued to feel right, make sense, and align with my values. For one, the ambiguity of it as a name felt like real life. Plus, I love that there is some mystery to it. Leaving room for it to take on meaning as time passes on. Darity means “the sum of” according to the internet. Whether the internet lied or not, Darity being “the sum of” becomes more and more an acknowledgment of truth in my life. Music I write is the “sum of.” Every song is the sum of me, my influences, and life experiences. Every show is the sum of those who attend, book/promote, and perform. The recordings of this upcoming album are the sum of my team’s hard work and all of your support. It refutes the lie that music is lonely and inspires me to want to bring people into what I do creatively, despite the risk it involves.  

All of this to say, It feels freeing to put my music behind a name that has personal meaning, inspires me to move forward, grow, and is unifying. I may be writing the songs and the face on a poster but, I fully believe Darity has been entrusted to me and is not just the sum of me and my abilities. I am excited to release new music and to grow into the name Darity as time goes on alongside all of you.

- L

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