There are a lot of exciting changes happening in regards to music for me. One being that from here going forward, I will be releasing music under a different name, Darity. The name change is a personal decision that has…


pt. iii

It’s been a while since I’ve been inspired by a smile.

It made me want to remember being more than alright,

While I couldn’t get a handle on why I ever try.

Certain eyes beam the sunlight I crave.



Pre-Coffee Linsley pt. ii

More and More,

Conversations end refraining.

I just don’t know, friend.

Can we self correct?

or can we only self assess?

Why aren’t answers clear cut and sound?

Do you actually believe that?

Or were you just raised into it?


On the Earth

Here it is,
Let me bring you down to earth,
It doesn’t matter who’s on the horse.
When you ride into the sunset,
It will set.
Wait for it.
Will you be ready for it?
Eleven hours of black,


What I'm Made Of

I really want to know what I’m made of.

If I am dust that was breathed into life. I want to live.

If I have been bestowed an identity. I want to know what that means and how to live…