Who is Darity?

Darity is a collective of musicians lead by Linsley Hartenstein. 

Who is Linsley Hartenstein?

Linsley is a songwriter originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. Her writing wrestles with the heaviness and light that life brings with writing influences such as: Jon Foreman, Paul McCartney, and Noah Gundersen. As a solo artist Linsley toured all around the U.S. independently, and with bands such as Cloverton. In an effort to be intentional with her writing, encourage collaboration, and empowerment of artists, leading Darity is the next step in her musical ventures. 

What does Darity mean?

Darity has taken on the meaning of "the sum of." Darity is the sum of every person or life experience Linsley has encountered. Darity is the sum of every artist involved with the collective. Darity is the sum of every person who listens, promotes, and comes to shows. Darity exists because people exist


Darity is the sum of us all. So Welcome. 


Linsley Hartenstein

Linsley Hartenstein

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